SMART 911- What You Need To Know

Ann provides information about the Smart 911system, and gives you links to help you get registered

Insuring Dreams

Ann explains how small home businesses are covered under home insurance and talks about how to insure your dreams. 

 The Dangers Of Distracted Driving.

Ann explains why distracted driving is so dangerous, and shares a story about a friend who was recently a victim of an inattentive driver. 

FAQ- Do I really need to buy the additional insurance when renting a car? 

Ann explains why you should carefully consider saying "yes" when asked if you want to add the additional insurance, at the rental counter. 

Heavy Lifting, Call the Pros. 

Ann shares her story about moving to Gainesville and a bad experience with some shady movers.

Ann Toms is the owner and primary insurance Agent at Homestead Insurance. She has been in the insurance business for over 20 years and has worked in the accounting, real estate,  and property management  fields over the years as well. She has a wealth of like experience, and has dealt with pretty much any oddball situation you can think of.

In her Blog Ann shares her thoughts and experiences and often tries to answer any questions that you may have about insurance. Ann is also a motivator and shares her story about starting a business from scratch and striving to reach your goals. 

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Senior and Disabled crime victims get reimbursed 

Ann explains how to get a full refund for your deductible if you are a Senior or Disabled adult, and your loss resulted from crime. 

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Six Ways to Save BIG on Home Insurance 

Ann gives you six ways to save on your homeowners insurance , and put more money in your pocket. 


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