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-Ann explains how Floridians over 60 can 

be refunded for their deductibles if they 

have been the victim of a crime. 

-Ann explains how Floridians over 60 can 

be refunded for their deductibles if they 

have been the victim of a crime. 

-I recently assisted a client that was in great need of not having to absorb his out of pocket expense. This is true even if the claim is less than the policy deductible.


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There are several known facts in the State of Florida when it comes to the elderly adult demographics. We know that Florida has the highest per capita population of seniors and they can be a target to crimes where there is loss of property. Seniors make an easy target due to health and in some cases diminished mental capacities.


 Property loss recovery is for elderly or disabled adults that suffer a loss of tangible personal property as a result of a criminal or delinquent act.

If you have a loss as a result of criminal activity, you may be eligible to regain your deductible from your insurance carrier. Most agents and clients are not aware of this.

There are 3 Steps you will need to follow 

1. You will have to contact the Office of the Attorney General for your District and you will receive the Victim Compensation Claim Form. This must be completed and returned to the Victim Advocate Representative that will request a copy of the insurance declaration pages that indicate your deductible as well as a copy of the estimate/receipt. The advocate will then send a requested along with a copy of the police incident report to the Attorney General’s Office for review. This takes at least 30-40 days.

2. Once your claim for victim compensation benefits are determined to be eligible, you will have the authority of The State of Florida to be reimbursed for losses that are incurred as a result of the crime and are not payable by any other source.

3. You will receive an official Notice of Eligibility that you are eligible under Chapter 960, Florida Statues along with a Special Notice of Insurance Waiver Provisions. This notice will have the claim number, crime date, and information that should be forwarded to your insurance agent to assist you in filing a claim with your carrier.

Here is a little trick that most Insurance Agents won't share with you. Did you know that if your claim is the result of a crime, and if you are over the age of 60, that you can be refunded for the entire amount of your deductible? This is a great program that helps to protect Florida's Seniors. My hope is that if you fall into this category I can help you recover your money, and if you know someone who has a similar situation that you will share this information with them. 

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This is never an easy time when you have had your property and rights violated. While this does take time and diligence to recoup the insurance refund or deductible, it is a duty of your carrier and agent to help you through this.

Please feel free to call on me, if you have any questions that I can assist you with. I am glad to be of assistance.

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