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Based on the quality and characteristics of the home we quote it and find the best option  benefits and price that cover your best for your needs.  We have your best interest at heart and will always do what is best for you.  We have options to cover additional liability umbrella, golf cart, or your scheduled jewelry items.  All of this can be accomplished with your homeowner’s insurance policy.  We provide peace of mind for your largest assets, including your future income. 

New Homeowners, We Make Saving Easy 

We offer coverage for all types of homes and mobile homes, along with rental dwellings and  apartments.  We can handle everything from outdated roofs with extended credits for new roofs with wind mitigation credits , no prior insurance, homes without updates, and it is all available, to you.  

Hard To Insure Homeowners 

  • We do business with many insurance providers, so we do the shopping for you, and research your options for bundling to find you the absolute best deal. 
  • When you sign with a new carrier we cancel the old policy for you and get your rebate sent directly to your home. You deposit the check and you pocket all the savings. 
  • We notify your old insurance agency of the cancelation 
  • We set up the new policy with your mortgage company and set up the billing options that you specify. Usually that just means that you pay less every month if your mortgage payment and insurance are combined. 
  • On average we save Homeowners $1000 per year, and often are able to get them better coverage in the process. 

We Do All The Work!  You Save A Lot Of Money 

Current Homeowners 

We know you want to save money ...BUT   We also know it can seem like a major hassle to change Home Insurance carriers when you are paying one lump sum to the mortgage company. The idea of moving everything around seems like too much trouble.  We have GREAT news for you!

-We make Home Insurance easy, and affordable,  by doing all the work for you.

Homeowners Insurance in Gainesville Fl 

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