Fitness Events-One way we promote community involvement and health is by supporting groups who demonstrate these traits. We recently supported the Melon Run which was put on by Florida Track Club. The gang from Coach K Fitnesswere in attendance and Coach K  was kind enough to hang out and give health and fitness tips at our booth. 

Hydrate With Homestead-On days when it is hot and we have so many thirsty looking people, walking past our doors sometimes we will go outside and give away free bottles of ice cold water. We use it as an opportunity to meet our neighbors, and educate people about the dangers of dehydration. We have found that while many people know that getting plenty of water is important they haven't learned how to spot the more subtle signs of dehydration such as achey joints , dry skin, or headache. People often think they just aren't feeling well, and often attribute the signs of dehydration to other issues. 

Coats 4 Kids-Our #1 project is "Coats 4 Kids". Many people don't realize that even though Gainesville is located in Florida, that it can get bitterly cold during the winter. Often Gainesville residents can experience sub-freezing temperatures for several days in a row. The most economically challenged residents are usually unable to afford the increased heating cost for their homes, and certainly don't have the means to purchase cold weather clothing.  Each year we collect cold weather clothing and donate it to elementary schools so that the school Nurse or Social Worker can hand them out to the students who are most in need of something warm to wear. We collect donations all year long so if you have something you would like to donate, please drop them our office by or call us and we will arrange to come collect them. 

At Homestead Insurance, we care about out Clients and our community. We have made a commitment to give back and be and asset to the community.  Not only do we support charitable organizations with our dollars, but we get involved, create programs, and get our hands dirty by doing the work ourselves. Below  are some of the projects we are involved and we encourage everyone chip in and help us make the world a better place. 


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