WRONG...The movers where to arrive between 8- 9 am.  At 9:30 I placed the first call to Michael who assured me the truck was on the way, after three more calls the truck and movers arrived at 11:15.  The "lead" was freaked to learn that I was in an upstairs unit.  Immediately he started questioning that the move was going to Gainesville 125 miles away.  He didn't know how to get to Gainesville, have a Sun Pass for tolls, or even bring water to drink,    He even thought the move would be complete in three hours, I don't think he had a clue of what was going on.  So this guy,  either sick or hung over decides he will stay in the truck.  The other two helpers who were probably just picked up at a day labor station, were sent up to bring down my things.  Thank God my youngest son was helping to load the truck, he made three trips to their one.  After three hours we are loaded and they are following me out of Seminole County.  I started to worry about them since they came unprepared, so I stopped to get food and drinks for them. Plus, I was afraid they wouldn't make it without being hydrated.  It took almost three hours to get them to Gainesville since, the truck wasn't able to go over 45 mph. Mid-way the lead driver changes seats with the man in the middle (no, he didn't actually pull over or stop driving while doing this on I-75) He told me the truck cab acrobatic were actually safer because he was falling asleep at the wheel.

THEN, we get to the new apartment which is also on the second story.  You would have thought we took away their cookies.  You have never heard such complaining and crying in all of your life.  Now, keep in mind all of the details are documented in the proposal.  The method they used to unload was to place the furniture and boxes on the lift gate of the truck and hand them through a banister over their heads.  Even small items were brought in one at a time. There were no furniture set ups or placements and my Tommy Bahama furniture looks like it has been distressed (with a drywall scrub) .   If I had not felt that my possessions were being held hostage, I would have fired them on the spot.  All I could do was watch and cringe.

With all of this to think about, I couldn't help but consider the value of good service, compared to seeking a cheap price.  This is true for movers, insurance policies, or any of the important things in life that we value.  Lesson one, use Two Men and a Truck, they are worth every penny and always keep their word.  Lesson two, do not  look for any services that you depend on  on the web unless you know everything about the product or the service expectations, words are useless if they cant be counted on when you need them.  Work with the experts and surround yourself and your possessions by professionals in their field.

Lesson learned,..  FYI, Abbey is feeling better and has just eaten her "Calming Collar", she is a beagle rescue puppy that loves to chew.  Big thanks goes out to Earth Pets who made great recommendations to help ease her stress and calm her down.

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We did get a good laugh when a living room chair was sat down facing the wall (backwards) and the guy said "is that how you want it?", too funny.   When they finally finished, they literally stood in my living room with their hands out, wanting to be tipped for additional time.  I paid  an extra hour just to make sure they could make it back home and AWAY from me.  It was 10 pm before they pulled out of the driveway knocking down tree limbs and running over curbs.  What a day... my poor dog Abbey was so stressed I had to call the vet to get her some anxiety pills.

Heavy Lifting...Call the Pros

For all of my adult life I have used movers to lift all the heavy furniture and boxes when I've moved.  Since this has always worked for me I never expected anything like I had a few weeks ago.

Being the diligent, organized, and frugal person that I am, I took to the internet to get quotes after getting my first bid from Two Men and a Truck.  When they quoted $1,100 plus I thought I should check out other movers and prices.  I log into a site that immediately had dozens of movers calling me with quotes.  After checking the bids and talking with the "owners", I selected a company called E-Z Movers with a guy named Michael who assured me that the movers and truck were first class.  I called to confirm our move at one week and one day prior  still thinking we were all on the same page.  His quote for the move was $400. less.  What a deal, right??