I like the process used in verifying the phone numbers and information with me. I now feel secure that in my sometimes hard to locate home I will be found and my son will be notified immediately. 

If you do not feel comfortable in setting this up, please come to my office with your cell phone and I will do it for you and assist you with this every way that I can. PLEASE, PLEASE,
share this and post to your friends. 

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So how do you utilize this service? Go to www.smart911.com  The complete registration for the first time will not take more than 15 minutes at the most. The questions are for your protection and can include photos, medications, physical conditions, pets, and emergency contacts. You can also add special directions and instructions that could be useful. You can add every household member, your spouse, children, even pets. Can you image how useful this could be if a child or special needs person is missing and the photos are immediately available. You can go in and edit the information as needed and make necessary updates and adjustments.

​(352) 505-6565


I recently had a visit from Michelle Clark who is the 911 Specialist for Alachua County Fire Rescue. Michelle was doing a courtesy check to verify my address (that was not in the system correctly) with the 911 Emergency Response System. While talking with Michelle I found that there is great information that I did not know and now want to pass on to you. I am asking you to share this on your Facebook with all of your friends. This could make the difference in the time it takes to get the help that you or your family receives in time of need.


Homestead Insurance Agency 


5211 SW 91ST, TER Gainesville FL 

(Haile Village Center) 

* 71% of people use cell phones for their main form of communication. While a responder (Police, Fire, EMT and Rescue Squads) has a cell tower to search your location, the range could be as much as two miles off. The tower does not pin point your exact location. This could delay the response time for those that cannot give an address. The address and unit number may not be the same. This is primarily a cell phone issue. Often times in an emergency we do not have time to give out crucial information. 

* The system allows you to add all of your phones, addresses, vehicles, animals, emergency contacts, medical conditions, physical disabilities and medications, updated photos of children to the SMART911 data base. 

* The cost in Alachua County and in 14 counties in the State of Florida that offer this service is FREE. When you travel between the counties that offer this service, the information will go with you. 

* Easy access to create and update a Safety Profile for your household to give the details that could impact response the second an emergency call in placed, which could be the difference between life and death.