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​This home had been a cute little cottage along a thoroughfare, convenient to the local mall and University of Florida. The owner lived in it for a few years, moved out of state and never considered any problems with the property. What the owner was unaware of, all the improvements had been done illegally, no permits no inspections and a property that is in serious trouble,

What You Don't Know will Cost You, A Handyman Project gone bad.

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 As we kept digging, additional problems surfaced. We determined the person who did this had never done a real remodel or hired people who didn't care about doing the right thing, it was all about the job and getting that final check. Once we got all the structural members exposed, we found a house in distress and dangerous. What is going to have to happen is making the owner sick. He bought the house in good faith, expected the seller to have disclosed what the previous owner had done, that never happened. This is just the beginning of this project and there is more than what we have shown you.

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Originally published at terrymartin-backrei.blogspot.com on Oct, 5TH  2015

One of our customers sent us a work order on a ceiling that had fallen in because of a leak. When we looked at the project, the tenant pointed out another leak in an additional bedroom. Repairs had been done prior to our inspection and we found a roof that appeared to be in distress. We advised the tenant, we would talk with the property manager and resolve the problem. The next day, our customer advised us, the tenant had contacted Codes Enforcement and the property was being sited for an illegal enclosure and this is where the story begins.
The property manager let the tenants out of their lease and contracted with us to determine what it would take to bring the property into compliance. What we discovered was far more than just a leak in the ceiling and this video will explain how the problem evolved. 

 As we started our investigation, it was apparent, a non-skilled, unlicensed person had done the improvements on this property. Opening up walls and finding material that should have never been used and improper construction practices could have created health hazards as well as possible future structural failure in the future

The day is done and here are my final thoughts on this project

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