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Terry Martin-Back 

Welcome to our Guest Blogger's page. Here we will share blogs from our friends to give you even more information. We have found some great bloggers who have a lot of information to share with you about a wide variety of topics. Since we insure just about everything under the sun, we feel like we needed to have a place to share the expertise that our friends and clients have to offer. If you are interested in being one of our Guest Bloggers please contact Ann, and we will be glad to get you started. 

Terry Martin-Back grew up in Indiana, has two Children and three grandchildren. He co-owns  two business, "Exit Realty Producers of Gainesville" and Martinback Group Inc.  has traveled the world,  spent 20 years in the Army, Reserves and National Guard, is  a Gulf War Veteran. Public speaker, author, writer and lover of life. In this blog Terry explains how a handyman project can go bad and things to look out for in order to protect yourself. Terry uses both the written word and videos to explain the situation and show you exactly where the problems are. You can check out more blogs by Terry here.